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Compartmentalization with River Bend Materials

Supporting your business during uncertain times

River Bend Materials Sets Itself Apart

Builders have long recognized River Bend Materials as their go-to source for top-grade commercial and residential construction materials in Tennessee. But providing the raw materials for your building projects is only the beginning of the full service we offer.

River Bend Materials was founded on a commitment to caring for our customers’ needs. And while those needs may change from time to time, our dedication to you never will. As companies, organizations, and individuals search for resources to help manage issues related to the global spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), River Bend is here to help

Compartmentalization – What is it, and How Does it Help?

In simplest terms, compartmentalization is the practice of dividing a large, open space into several smaller and more secured spaces. Compartmentalization offers construction professionals and facility managers a solution to keep their employees working and safe during these trying times. In general, compartmentalization is a useful strategy for:

  • Increasing the number of available spaces
  • Isolating workers or guests from others
  • Improving community health by passively empowering Social Distancing

That last point brings us to the current increased relevance of solid compartmentalization solutions for commercial construction projects.

Compartmentalizing and COVID-19

From placing easily constructed poly sheeting barriers, to installing anti-microbial vinyl panels in nursing homes and hospitals, compartmentalization solutions are more than just practical space dividers. Separating and securing spaces are crucial elements in the fight to help stop the spread of viruses and other transmittable bacteria.

When considering compartmentalization for your construction projects in Tennessee, there are several solutions, each with varying levels of effectiveness, including:

  • Good (Least Expensive) - Build temporary walls using 4 mil or 6 mil poly sheeting, reinforced poly sheeting, or fire-retardant poly sheeting. Hold up the plastic sheeting using telescoping poles (like Pro Tect® EZ Prop Poles or Trimaco® EZ Up Poles) and add a Zipper entry point to make an effective barrier.
  • Better - Vinyl corrugated plastic, available in 4' x 8' sheets, can be used to make a sturdier wall than plastic sheeting. This material is similar to real estate signs for homes, only thicker. Vinyl corrugated plastic panels are quick and easy to set up, and they hold up to frequent washing and sanitizing.
  • Best (Most Expensive) - Thicker vinyl corrugated plastic panels, such as the Pro Tect® Environmental Partition Vinyl Panel Assembly, are effective choices and are highly reusable. These panels allow light to come through creating a safe but private work environment and are available with doors and hinges for maximum flexibility.

Buy Compartmentalization Supplies in TN from River Bend Materials

Everything you need to protect your commercial and residential building projects is here. River Bend carries a comprehensive variety of products for construction compartmentalization, from leading manufacturers like Pro Tect and Trimaco®, including:

  • Poly sheeting
  • Zip poles
  • 4' x 8' sheets of double Corrugated Plastic
  • Environmental partition vinyl panel assembly (24" or 48")
  • Double-sided zippers, allowing you to create any size or shape entry.
  • 10 ft. EZ UP or EZ Prop spring-loaded poles

Concerned about the effects of Coronavirus on your projects, customers, and community? River Bend Materials is your trusted source for quality construction supplies and compartmentalization products across Tennessee.

Find a yard near you, and let’s get started protecting your projects today.

About River Bend Materials

From our yard in Chattanooga, TN, River Bend Materials proudly serves residential and commercial construction customers across Tennessee. As part of the GMS family of companies, River Bend has offered exceptional construction products and building materials, from drywall and steel, to insulation, acoustical tiles and more, since 1998.

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